Proficio Recognized as a Leader in KuppingerCole’s Market Compass for SOC-as-a-Service

Carlsbad, CA – March 2, 2021 – Proficio, an award-winning managed security services provider (MSSP) delivering managed detection and response (MDR), has received one of the highest ratings in KuppingerCole’s Market Compass for SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS).

In their report, KuppingerCole highlights the growth in the SOCaaS market accelerated by the increasing complexity of cyberthreats and compliance regulations. They predict that the market will “continue to grow and develop as organizations seek to bolster their cybersecurity, keep hiring costs as low as possible, and get the most benefit from existing security investments.”

KuppingerCole highlighted Proficio as a featured vendor and gave Proficio one of the highest number of strong positive ratings.

“SOCaaS is the only way most small to medium sized organizations are able to consolidate all of their security threats, tools and systems into a single point of control, but because the security requirements and in-house security capabilities of organizations vary greatly, SOCaaS solutions need to accommodate those differences,” says Warwick Ashford, KuppingerCole’s Senior Analyst for Cybersecurity. “Proficio’s ProSOC service offerings provide a great fit for this market segment by providing flexible deployment options and multiple levels of service to choose from.”

Ashford continues, “ProSOC is also a mature, scalable SOCaaS platform that is supported by a global network of SOCs and has a wide range of capabilities to meet all the basic SOCaaS requirements across on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments. With a focus on R&D, Proficio is continually evolving its capabilities, which since 2013, have included Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR). This capability can be used for automated incident response and supports integration with endpoint and perimeter tools, such as industry-leading next-generation firewalls.”

“We’re thrilled to be included in this report, which further establishes the value of our continued investments in our people, processes, and technology to further reduce the time to both detect threats and respond to attacks and security incidents, so our clients stay better protected,” says Brad Taylor, CEO of Proficio.

About Proficio

Founded in 2010, Proficio is an award-winning managed detection and response service provider. We help prevent cybersecurity breaches by performing and enabling response to attacks, compromises, and policy violations. Our team of experts provides 24/7 security monitoring and alerting from global security operations centers (SOCs) in San Diego, Barcelona and Singapore. Proficio’s cloud-native Threat Management Platform uses a combination of industry leading commercial software and proprietary technology to provide clients with advanced analytics, threat intelligence, Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR), patented risk scoring, AI-based threat hunting, open XDR, and Risk-Based Vulnerability Management.


Kim Maibaum
Director of Marketing

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