SINGAPORE, May 12, 2015 – Proficio, a leading provider of cloud-based security services, and Genesis Networks, a leading provider of IT Services, today announced their partnership to offer advanced security solutions to the Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia markets. The companies will offer cloud-based security monitoring, alerting, and remediation services helping enterprises and government organizations to detect sophisticated threats and prevent data breaches. “The risks of intellectual property theft, business disruption, and brand damage have made cyber security a high priority for many of our customers,” said Allen Lee, Managing Director, Genesis Networks. “We chose to partner with Proficio because together we can offer the most advanced cyber security technology supported by security experts in Proficio’s US and Singapore based Security Operations Centers (SOCs). It will blend in perfectly with our existing range of IT risk management portfolios including security consulting, audit, business continuity and disaster recovery services.” “Genesis Networks is a leading provider of IT Services and we are excited to be partnering with them to provide cloud-based cyber security services to Southeast Asian businesses and government organizations,” said Alex Tok, Managing Director, Proficio, Asia. “Millions of security events pass through the networks of organizations every day and the challenge is to monitor and prioritize these events and take action before any damage is done. Proficio and Genesis Networks’ customers will benefit from the most advanced security monitoring services that until recently were outside the budget of all but the very largest enterprises.”Proficio ProSOC Services Genesis Networks will offer Proficio’s full range of ProSOC managed security services providing their customers the following advantages:

  • 24×7 security event monitoring, alerting, and remediation by experts
  • Early detection and defense against sophisticated attacks, insider threats, and Ransomware
  • Actionable intelligence that enables internal IT teams to effectively and quickly resolve issues
  • Active Defense that blocks targeted attacks 24×7
  • High fidelity threat intelligence
  • Full life cycle management of security devices
  • Retention of security logs
  • Support for cloud-based and co-managed SIEM services

About Proficio Proficio is a leading provider of cloud-based security solutions. We are changing the way organizations defend against advanced threats and prevent security breaches by providing the most powerful cloud-based services without the need for added headcount or costly software and hardware systems. Proficio’s ProSOC service logs, monitors and analyzes organizations’ security events and provides actionable threat notifications and responsive breach prevention actions. Staffed 24×7 by security experts and using industry leading SIEM and Active Defense technology, ProSOC enables organizations to address critical security and compliance needs, prevent data breaches, and reduce operations costs. Our customers value our insight, experience and unrelenting passion for defending their networks and applications from cyber attacks. For more information, see: proficio.comAbout Genesis Networks Genesis Networks Pte Ltd is a leading IT Service Provider serving the Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia markets since 2001. We are dedicated to building and managing information infrastructure, implementing business solutions and delivering high value professional services that create competitive advantages for our customers. Genesis Networks’ unique ability to optimize our internal software engineering and hardware systems integration capabilities enables us to provide our customers complete end-to-end solutions. We serve multi-national enterprises, government sectors, banking, financial services and the hospitality industries. For more information, see

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