Proficio Unveils Industry-First Buyout Program for MSSP Services

Carlsbad, CA — February 17, 2016 — Proficio, an award-winning trusted provider of cloud-based security services, announced the launch of their security event monitoring services buyout program. This industry-first program provides enterprises a cost effective and simple upgrade path to a next-generation cybersecurity service.

Proficio’s offer is in response to a tough year for data breaches. In 2015, companies of all sizes and industries fell victim to hackers, costing billions of dollars and harming the reputations of many organizations. According to Proficio’s Annual Cybersecurity Survey, respondents overwhelmingly said that the majority of security incidents happen outside of normal business hours. This demonstrates the importance of monitoring networks on a 24x7x365, getting quick and timely alerts with the ability to respond to attacks efficiently and effectively. Next-Generation Upgrade Path Now there is no need to wait for the end of your vendor’s contract term. For organizations looking to stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve, or those dissatisfied with their existing service provider, Proficio will buyout their current contract term up to six months or offer a 50% discount on the first year of service. The upgrade program will empower IT management to act quickly to dramatically improve threat detection and help protect their organizations from damaging security breaches. “Partnering with a security service provider is critical to successful and optimal business operations,” says Tim McElwee, Chairman and President, Proficio. “Many organizations are overwhelmed with false positives or get so few alerts that they worry they’re missing critical threats. The risk and potential cost of waiting for better cybersecurity has never been greater.” The Proficio Difference Proficio uses the most advanced SIEM technology combined with advanced use cases and behavioral analytics to more accurately detect real threats to high value assets. More accurate alerting directly results in in investigating critical issues vs. reacting to false positives. Proficio’s Active Defense service automates critical attack response timeframe window, providing IT operations teams optimal investigation and remediation capabilities. Limited Time Offer To take advantage of this limited time offer or schedule a demo, email or call (800) 779-5042. To see if your MSSP measures up, access our MSSP Checklist by clicking here. Offer expires in 90 days, and is subject to terms and conditionsAbout Proficio Proficio is an award-winning provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions, and is changing the way organizations defend against advanced threats and prevent security breaches. Proficio’s ProSOC service provides 24×7 security monitoring and alerting and advanced threat detection. Proficio is the trusted network, data and application provider of some of the world’s leading utility, healthcare, industrial and consumer-focused organizations. To take your security to the next-generation, visit Join the next-generation cybersecurity conversation at TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

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