CHICAGO, April 13, 2015 – Proficio, a leading provider of advanced cloud-based security services, today unveiled significant new capabilities in its popular ProSOC Healthcare security and compliance service. ProSOC 5.0 includes more powerful threat detection capabilities, Active Defense, and ProView, an enhanced SIEM-as-a-Service application to better visualize an organization’s security and compliance posture. “As indicated by the recent growth in high profile Healthcare organization breaches, attackers have discovered how to convert healthcare records into monetary gain through with various avenues of Identity Theft.,” said Brad Taylor, CEO, Proficio. “Our ProSOC security threat detection and active breach prevention service is trusted by healthcare organizations around the world. ProSOC uses the most advanced techniques to detect sophisticated attacks and our Active Defense solution takes the next step by automating the response to high risk attacks before any damage is done.” Advanced Threat DetectionProSOC is powered by industry leading SIEM technology programmed with proprietary security use cases and customized multi-vector correlation rules to detect sophisticated attacks early in the Kill Chain. ProSOC also uses machine learning pattern discovery, real-time threat intelligence, and 24×7 analysis by security experts to identify and prevent data breaches. Based on extensive experience in the healthcare industry, Proficio has created use cases that range from identifying anomalous traffic from medical devices to detecting suspicious insider behavior. Active Defense Proficio’s unique Active Defense technology automates the response to high risk attacks by triggering firewall rules to block high risk traffic in near real-time on a 24×7 basis, thereby providing time for security teams to properly investigate and remediate issues before any damage occurs. ProView ProView is Proficio’s newly updated SIEM-as-a-Service Portal application that allows organizations to easily visualize their security and compliance posture using focused dashboards, Active Channels and Drill-down analytics. ProSOC Free Trial To try Proficio’s ProSOC service for a free 30 day pilot, email us at About Proficio Proficio is a leading provider of cloud-based security solutions. We are changing the way organizations defend against advanced threats and prevent security breaches by providing the most powerful cloud-based services without the need for added headcount or costly software and hardware systems. Proficio’s ProSOC service logs, monitors and analyzes organizations’ security events and provides actionable threat notifications and responsive breach prevention actions. Staffed 24×7 by security experts and using industry leading SIEM and Active Defense technology, ProSOC enables organizations to address critical security and compliance needs, prevent data breaches, and reduce operations costs. Our customers value our insight, experience and unrelenting passion for defending their networks and applications from cyber attacks. For more information see

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