Fireside Chat with International SOS and Microsoft: Navigating Cyber Security with Microsoft Sentinel & Security Co-Pilot

Join us for an engaging and moderated virtual fireside chat on cyber security operations, featuring Brad Taylor, CEO of Proficio, Ravi Rai, Senior Manager, Cybersecurity at International SOS, a Proficio and Microsoft customer, and Anil Malekani, Principal Cybersecurity Global Black Belt, Microsoft.

They’ll explore how automation, playbooks, UEBA, and SOAR within Microsoft Sentinel revolutionize threat detection and response, with real-world use cases illustrating these benefits. We’ll also discuss how AI and Microsoft Security Co-Pilot enhance decision-making and discover future roadmaps for AI in cyber defense.

Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Time: 7:00 a.m. pt / 10:00 a.m. et / 10:00 p.m. Singapore Standard Time

What You’ll Learn:

 The transformative potential of Microsoft Sentinel and Security Co-Pilot in cyber security.

  How automation, playbooks, UEBA, and SOAR improve threat detection and response.

  Real-world use cases of bolstering cyber resilience.

 The role of AI in cyber security and how Security Co-Pilot enhances decision-making.

 Future roadmaps and AI’s impact on cyber defense strategies.

Don’t miss this chance to gain actionable insights and strategic guidance from industry leaders.

Join us for an enlightening Fireside Chat to empower your cyber security strategy!

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  Brad Taylor, CEO, Proficio

Under Brad’s leadership, the Proficio has grown from a startup to an industry leader in the MDR services market. Prior to Proficio, he held leadership positions in cybersecurity, enterprise software, and venture capital companies. Brad is an advisor to CIOs and CISOs on their cybersecurity strategy and frequently presents at industry events.

Ravi Rai, Senior Manager, Cybersecurity, International SOS

With over a decade of experience, Ravi excels in managing cybersecurity operations in cloud and on-premises environments. He specializes in vulnerability management, application security, and DevSecOps in AWS and Azure. Known for crafting security frameworks and conducting red team exercises, Ravi champions cloud-native SIEM solutions and fosters a collaborative team culture for long-term success.

Anil Malekani, CISSP, Advance Security Architect, Global Black Belt, Microsoft

Anil is Advance Security Architect, Global Blackbelt for Microsoft Asia and based in Singapore. Anil has been working with various organizations across different industries including public-sector, BFSI, helping them modernize their security operations for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.  Anil has been with Microsoft for over 12 years and has been part of the journey as the company expanded the security portfolio, enabling customers to do more with less, in the area of cybersecurity.



  Bryan Borra, Vice President, Product and Content Management, Proficio

Bryan is responsible for leading Proficio’s product roadmap and managing our Threat Detection Engineers. He specializes in SIEM content engineering, network intrusion analysis, operational use case development, and threat intelligence.


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