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IDC Vendor Profile Reviews
Proficio’s Cybersecurity Services

This IDC vendor profile analyzes Proficio’s global managed security services offerings and highlights their key differentiating factors in the marketplace.

Key Factors Covered in Profile include:

  • Comprehensive analysis from industry analysts on Proficio’s managed security services
  • Insight from IDC Senior Research Analysts – Martha Vazquez and Cathy Huang.
  • An overview of Proficio’s key differentiators and strengths in
    the marketplace

*This industry analyst report reflects the views and opinions of IDC and/or its analysts and may contain their estimates for revenue, forecasts and other Proficio business metrics. Any opinions, estimates or forecasts regarding Proficio made by analysts in this report do not represent the opinions, estimates or forecasts of Proficio. Publication of this report on the Proficio website should not be construed as an agreement with the data contained in this report.

“While our internal staff is excellent quality, they only have so many hours in a day to get work done. Proficio backfills that admirably, and allows us to focus on what we do best, while Proficio focuses on what they do best, and together we make a much stronger partnership.”

- Peter Capelli, CISO & VP of Infrastructure and Networking, Catholic Health