IDC Profile Highlights Differentiators of Proficio’s Cybersecurity Services

Proficio: Delivering Effective Managed Security Services to the Advanced Threat Landscape

This IDC Vendor Profile analyzes Proficio’s global managed security service (MSS) offerings and highlights the company’s differentiation factors in the market. The IDC Vendor Profile reviews key success factors including strategy, offerings, partnerships, and target market.

Situation Overview

To say that the security market is complex and challenging is an understatement, given the number of moving parts that are involved in defending an enterprise from cyberattacks. The MSS market is critical to success for organizations that are struggling to keep up with the rise in frequency and complexity of today’s attacks.

An enterprise’s ability to sustain the necessary level of threat intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities along with the skills to interpret and act on findings can be a daunting effort. In-house 24 x 7 security solutions are expensive, and security talent is scarce. As a result, organizations debate “build versus buy” and many are turning to MSSPs. A managed security services provider allows organizations to meet several objectives:

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership and leverage the opex model to offer predictable pricing and budgets
  • Offer a holistic security posture that is more proactive and predictive versus reactive
  • Provide a depth and breadth of security skills in a marketplace where security talent is scarce
  • Enable advanced capabilities such as threat intelligence, big data analytics, advanced detection methods, and incident response and forensics
  • Implement best practices that are evolving with a rapidly changing threat environment
  • Improve cost efficiencies by rationalizing security budget with more effective security solutions
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