IDC What Does a Next Generation MDR Service Look Like?

What Does a Next-Generation MDR Service Look Like?

Managed detection and response (MDR) services have been gaining attention and traction for several years now. The appeal of having a service that can quickly elevate several key functions of detecting and responding to attacks is foundational to a robust cybersecurity program. The number of advanced threats that chief information security officers (CISO) and their teams must account for continues to grow unabated every year. Having a service in place to handle operational needs frees up scarce cybersecurity personnel to focus on other core security functions while raising the cybersecurity maturity level of the enterprise by providing the advanced technologies embedded into an MDR service such as automated response, contextualized threat intelligence, and machine learning (ML) algorithms.

In a world where strong demand for a service draws many companies to provide that needed service, it is safe to say that not all MDR providers are the same. As more managed security service providers and other security service providers have rushed to provide their own MDR offerings, the struggle for each of these providers has been to differentiate those offerings. Some key areas of comparison are as follows:

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