Mastering Security Orchestration: Automating Response and Remediation with Microsoft Sentinel Combined with Azure OpenAI

Master Class Series – Part Two

When a meaningful event, such as a cyberattack or compromise, occurs, swift action is paramount to prevent further damage.

The second part of our two-part series for a deep dive into the world of SOAR-as-a-Service for automated and orchestrated response remediation with Microsoft Sentinel and AzureOpenAI. While we’ve previously explored the operationalization of Sentinel to enable accurate threat detection and response, part-two will delve into SOAR-as-a-Service response and remediation automation as a force multiplier for your response team using Sentinel.

What you’ll learn:

  • The answer to the critical question of staffing requirements.
  • How Microsoft Sentinel combined with Microsoft Defender and Azure OpenAI streamline incident response and remediation efforts.
  • How SOAR-as-a Service automation can bridge the gap between detection and response.
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