Strengthening Cyber Resilience: A Proactive Approach

In today’s digital age cyber resilience is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity.

Watch our “Strengthen Your Cyber Resilience: A Proactive Approach” webinar, hosted by Bryan Borra, VP of Product and Content Management at Proficio to learn why cyber resiliency is paramount in today’s threat landscape.

During this 60-minute session, Bryan explains…

      Why cyber resilience is important in today’s threat landscape.

     How cyber hygiene can make you expensive to attack.

       Enhancing incident response for swift threat mitigation.

     Tactics used in “under the radar” vulnerability exploits.

     Steps to patch vulnerabilities and secure critical assets



Bryan Borra, Vice President, Product and Content Management, Proficio

Bryan is responsible for leading Proficio’s product roadmap and managing our Threat Detection Engineers. He specializes in SIEM content engineering, network intrusion analysis, operational use case development, and threat intelligence.

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