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Managed Security Options

A managed security services arrangement can take many different forms, but it generally includes:


We own and operate the SOC and SIEM for your organization.


You own the SIEM, we co-manage it with our SOC, personnel and processes.


Build your own cybersecurity coverage from our managed services.

In a fully managed cybersecurity services arrangement, the MSSP owns and operates the SOC, the SIEM and other technology involved and staffs the program with its own employees.
With hybrid (also called co-managed) cybersecurity, the client and the MSSP generally share the duties of monitoring the secure environment, alerting when threats occur, responding to attacks, and handling other cybersecurity duties. In this arrangement, typically the SIEM is owned and operated by the client, while the MSSP also consumes logs and other data from the SIEM and processes them, providing additional coverage and threat intelligence to the client. A hybrid SIEM is a preferred structure for companies that have already made an investment in a SIEM but want increased performance from the software by including correlation rules, use cases and other data from an MSSP.
With custom solutions, the client and MSSP generally work together to build a cybersecurity platform that is tailored to the client’s specific needs, budget, timeline and other considerations. A custom cybersecurity solution brings an out-of-the-box approach to closely match the security program to your company’s specific needs, both today and in the future




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