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Cyber Security Awareness Month | Oct 2020

e+ Where Technology Means More

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month – so there’s no excuse to stay in the dark when we can help you shine a light on cyber security best practices and the many ways you could be improving your organization’s security posture. The ePlus CyberSmart campaign is built around helping you gain foundational knowledge about both long-standing practices and some newer focus areas that will enable you to take necessary steps and to make measurable progress in making security more pervasive across your organization. Dig in to learn more from ePlus and our partners about how Security Awareness around key technologies like IAM, MDR, SASE, and Secure Teleworker Solutions can help you protect your organization from cybercriminals.



Proficio Cyber Chats With ePlus

How are cybersecurity teams adjusting to the current threat landscape and what can they do to stay ahead? Hear what Proficio CEO and Co-Founder, Brad Taylor and VP of Solutions for ePlus, Lee Waskevich, had to say about this and other topics influencing todays cybersecurity industry.

With many cybersecurity teams facing resource constraints, Brad and Lee talk about some alternatives for those organizations. These include adding automation to augment staffing or using a risk-based approach to focus on your most critical vulnerabilities. What else do they suggest? Listen to find out!