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How to Prevent Identity Attacks and Credential Abuse

Identity compromises are present in most ransomware and supply chain attacks. With attackers increasingly attempting to steal credentials, escalate privileges, and move laterally across an organization’s infrastructure, Gartner is calling identity “the new perimeter.”

Please join us on for a live webinar where we will discuss Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR), including:

  • Why identity-based attacks are one of the top cybersecurity threats facing organizations today
  • How to more accurately detect identity threats
  • The importance of response automation techniques in preventing a security breach
  • How Proficio can help reduce the risk of damaging attacks and compromises

Proficio launches detection and response service to tackle identity-based threats

Managed detection and response (MDR) service provider Proficio has launched ProSOC Identity Threat Detection and Response to protect businesses from identity-based attacks and credential abuse. The firm claimed the service is the industry’s only vendor-agnostic Open XDR solution that supports identity threat detection and response and works with existing security tools without proprietary agents or sensors. The release comes at a time when identity-based threats are one of the top cybersecurity risks faced by organizations…