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Recommended Action for Linux Kernel Vulnerability

Recently, a critical zero day vulnerability in a Linux kernel module was publicized. If successfully exploited on a Linux device, this vulnerability would allow an attacker to potentially execute arbitrary code with escalated privileges. Devices running Linux kernel 3.8 or higher are potentially vulnerable to this bug, meaning millions of Linux devices and around two thirds of all Android devices are potentially affected. Relevant IoT devices could be vulnerable as well. At time of writing, there have been no publicized observations of exploits against this vulnerability in the wild. Given the sheer number of possible devices vulnerable, we advised all of our customers to review their systems for the vulnerability and mitigate with the appropriate steps detailed below. Vulnerability Details The vulnerability, CVE-2016-0728, resides in the Linux kernel’s key retention service provided by a module that allows a process to store security information. Specifically, the bug can be exploited by a process making repeated calls to the keyctl system call where vulnerable code does not check for an integer overflow. If the counter is reset to zero, the kernel will then free the keyring object in memory where an attacker could then attempt an use-after-free attack. When a process makes […]