Managed SIEM

Is your organization considering outsourcing SIEM? Proficio’s team of cybersecurity experts can manage your SIEM, adding hundreds of use cases, correlation rules and other content to optimize your SIEM investment and improve your security posture.

Leave Your SIEM to the Cybersecurity Experts

If your company or organization has already purchased security information and event management (SIEM) software, you have already made a sizeable financial and manpower investment to help keep your sensitive data safe. The question is, is that enough?

The short answer is no; just having a SIEM in place is not enough to adequately protect your sensitive data and customer information. Without the use cases, correlation rules and other intelligence built into your SIEM, the software will not perform as you need and it will not sufficiently detect cyber threats to your secure environment.

Hiring Proficio to co-manage your existing SIEM or building a hybrid SIEM arrangement allows you to keep and leverage your organization’s investment in an on-premises SIEM by adding Proficio’s 24/7 SOC.

Our cybersecurity experts will tune your SIEM, adding correlation rules and building hundreds of use cases to improve your SIEM’s performance and help you get more value and use out of your current cybersecurity posture.

“Proficio’s services helped us achieve a 24×7 security operations center, that we wouldn’t normally be able to do ourselves.”

– Trevor Dodson, Senior IT Director, Lewis & Clark College

We trust Proficio. The integrity and quality of the their team is second to none.